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Mr Fogg’s

London UK

Location: Mayfair, London, UK
Area: 1800 sq.ft
Completion: August 2013

An immersive fusion of nightlife and theatre, Mr Fogg’s bar attests to the evolution of the hospitality industry as a burgeoning sweet spot for fantastical experiential design: a new consumer appetite far beyond simple culinary excellence.

Based around the life of phileas fogg, the fictional hero of Jules Verne’s 19th century novel around the world in eighty eays, Mr Fogg’s trades wholeheartedly on its location in the depths of London’s Mayfair, one of the city’s most quintessentially english and enclaves.

Part gentleman’s club, part adventurer’s den the eccentrically styled interior is staged as much as it is designed, lavished in visual theatrics and overtly opulent design tics. Walls are furnished with a brace of spoils supposedly belonging to the imaginary adventurer, including a wall-mounted alligator and an elephant’s foot; tables are littered with Victorian-era relics such a globe-turned-punchbowl; and the ceiling festooned with gilded birdcages and penny-farthing bicycles.

The materials and colour palettes are suitably rich, even bordering on the regal; pewter, etched brass, copper, mahogany and heavy sumptuous leathers dipped in burgundy and racing green combine to add weight to the novelty ambience

Chequered floor tiles, cosy banquettes and curved chesterfield sofas underscore a very british heritage while hidden alcoves and a cloakroom featuring wallpaper embellished with the idiosyncratic prints of Italian designer Piero Fornesetti pump up the fantasy-factor.

Revelling in peculiarity, thespian staff delivers cocktails in full character, sealing a concept conceived as the ultimate cocktail-hour escape.

& Interior Design
23b Goodge Place
T: +44(0)20 7636 0016