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Reiss St. Collins Lane

Melbourne Australia

Location : St. Collins Lane, Melbourne, Australia
Area :1130 sq.ft
Completion : June 2016

Reiss’ new flagship in the prestigious newly refurbished fashion precinct of St. Collins Lane, Melbourne signals the brand’s expansion into the Australian market. An architectural exploration into the rich yet robust beauty of nature so important to Australian culture, the design tempers the more traditional aspects of the city destination with a raw homage to the pure power and purity of all things organic.

Featuring a façade entirely revised from the building’s original structure, the shop-front appears as a gently rugged portal, with windows clad in rough travertine limestone and lava-like basalt, punctuated by a large pivot door in burnt bronze. The interior continues the love affair with the great outdoors via an ocean-referencing, softly undulating ceiling plus a series of intriguingly textured, subtly contrasting surfaces spread across display fixtures, walls and till points, creating the impression of almost cave-like internal space, as if cut from one solid piece of stone.

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