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Reiss Headquarters

London UK

Location: Barrett Street, London, UK

d-raw have partnered with Reiss for the last twenty years developing the brand from 2 local stores to now over 200 International stores, Barrett street HQ is conceived as an iconic epitome of the brands core values of modern tailored style, the building includes not only the brands flagship store but also it’s managerial HQ, fully functioning creative studios and owner David Reiss’ very own penthouse at the buildings summit, taking the notion of flagship to another level entirely in what is the ultimate brand statement for the directional fashion retailer and potentially the UK’s first truly iconic piece of retail real estate.

Bravely commissioned by retailer David Reiss the new building, nestles (in true Reiss style) a comfortable step back from the mayhem of oxford street creating a landmark space has become the true emotional heart of the brand – and addresses more eloquently than ever before the debate on the future of brand identity vigorously reasserting the notion that visual presence and the resulting brand perception are now equally as important in modern retailing as the product itself. The enormous back and under-lit acrylic façade, key to the iconic status of the structure, also has a lighting system which can change in sync with the legendarily unpredictable demands of the fashion seasons, granting each new collection the possibility of its own signature colour.

Barrett Street is a true destination for the brand, from the core to the surface a comprehensive exercise in achieving full brand integrity, providing the perfect platform for events, fashion shows and, with such a versatile space, whatever else the future of fashion retail might hold.




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