Location: Marine Terrace, Margate
Size: 3,000 sq.ft.

The Mission:

To revitalise and resurface the historic (1930s) pub and its rich slice of subcultural history for modern audiences, while creating a destination considered the seafront gatehouse to the newly regenerated Dreamland amusement park.

Our Response:

In restoring and reworking the Grade II listed venue we were sure to invest the design with artful distress and artisanal charm, reflective of both the amusement park’s original Victorian-era prowess and its important status as a key meeting point for two of Britain’s most famous warring youth subcultures: the mods and the rockers. We did so via the introduction of slick monochrome floor tiling, exposed brick walls, reclaimed ceiling beams, brassy pendant lamps issuing soft ‘ships’ lighting, and a wraparound wooden bar conceived to resurrect that unique British institution itself: the pub.



We also installed sweeping perimeter windows, flushing light into the darker corners and revealing panoramic views of sea. The exterior was revitalised just as meticulously; we sourced a vintage street lamp and hand-painted signage adorn the side of the building.