Location: 49-51, Marine Terrace, Margate CT9 1XJ
Size: 350,000 sq.ft.

The Mission:

To relaunch the iconic, Victorian-era amusement park as a refreshed, cross generational venue for contemporary culture - music festivals, rides, eating and drinking, live music and arts and culture. A series of hospitality experiences to redefine modern family entertainment but also catalyst for wider social regeneration of this sleepy seaside town.

Our Response:

Focusing on blending the charm of nostalgia with present-day pleasures we developed a number of spaces across the site that riffed on heritage narratives. The largest was a landscaped garden boardwalk in collaboration with landscape engineers Aecom - an updated promenading space allowing visitors to admire the antique (circa 1800) menagerie cages. We also engineered a 15,000-person capacity Garden stage for festival-style live performances; directed a series of supersized mirrored lettering ‘pause points’ created by UK-based Space agency for visitors to climb or sit on; revitalised the Cinque Ports public house (once a favourite haunt for mods and rockers); created Ziggy’s rooftop Bar & BBQ - a Jamaican rum shack and post-gig party venue celebrating the UK’s appreciation of Afro-Caribbean culture; and reimagined and the Hall by the Sea - a revival of the industrial shed that famously played host to the Rolling Stones.