Location: St Martin's Lane, Covent Garden, WC2N 4EA
Size: 2,350 sq.ft

The Mission:

To translate the famous adventure novel Around the World in Eighty Days into a hospitality environment as engaging as the surrounding shows of London’s theatreland, Covent Garden – transporting theatregoers into a world of fantasy and fun without diving into cliché.


Our Response:

The precursor to The House of Botanicals in Fitzrovia and the sister venue to the original Mr. Fogg’s bar Mayfair we meticulously reworked a Victoria tavern, installing interiors anchored around the novel’s key presiding themes of invention, discovery and travel to exotic lands. Elevating a sense tongue-in-cheek theatricality via subtle detailing and the use bespoke materials that trace a line back to original Victorian finishing techniques, upstairs we installed a refined, sumptuous version of a traditional Victorian gin parlour and salon including a plan-chest bar (referencing Phileas Fogg’s maps) and chaise longues upholstered with prints alluding to the British Arts & Crafts movement.


Downstairs, we allowed the space to revel in smoky wooden interiors surrounded by replicas of 19th Century artefacts and a large aviary filled with plants, stuffed birds and other curiosities.