Location: Barrett Street, London, W1U 1BA
Size: 45,000 sq.ft.

The Brief:

Create an iconic, innovative piece of architecture that would align the business’ myriad teams, inspire fashion fans and become an international billboard for the brand’s values.

Our Response:

In collaboration with UK architects and master planners Squire and Partners we created an homage to the brand’s mantra for modern, elegantly efficient design to communicate its message from every angle. Key components include the façade - a remotely programmable, colour-changing ‘second skin’ engineered from serrated plastic (a substrate in development for three years, never previously used in retail or on such an expansive scale); a multi-tier brand space built on geometric swathes of concrete and marble that led the trend for retail environments that double as events venues; and the design ateliers formed around fixtures, furniture flooring and reclaimed from the brand’s original creative studios.