Location: World Trade Centre, New York
Size: 2,500 sq.ft.

The Mission:

To create a stylistic companion to Reiss’ existing New York destinations for a Lower Manhattan target audience - erudite, style-conscious, attuned to reclaiming control and demanding to be impressed in double-quick time.

Our Response:

Thinking big was the premise for this new, New York concept store, leading us to reimagine the skyscraper as symbolic of both achievement and resurrection, and the associated power of its surrounding weather. It manifested most vividly via a series of ‘rain’ screens adding depth and delineating the space and an articulated ‘cloud’ ceiling: shards of colour-treated Perspex which, similarly to the LA store design, add drama as day turns to night. Key décor-based components included a ‘liquid metal’ scaffolding system, mannequin plinths harboured dramatically below low-lit chandeliers, a sculptural onyx cash desk and high-level smoked mirrors. A marble boarder and Carrara marble shelving (both in stark white) provide accent spotlights, while low-slung shell chairs foster an atmosphere of contemplation