Location: Nice, France
Size: 5,000 sq.ft.

The Mission:

To redefine Reiss’ evolving architectural design language for a glamorous, South-of-France audience, creating a new template for the brand’s burgeoning list of new coastal destinations.

Our Response:

While the space is as sleekly structured as a Parisian or New York showroom, a sense of fluidity, calm and a host of architectural cues that draw inspiration from the natural world marked a departure for the brand into more (luxuriously) relaxed territory. Based on the working title 'the sculpture garden' the store includes a clutch of lush interior mini-terraces serving as in-store sanctuaries, mirrored by a swooping wave of interior screens that subtly slow consumer flow and provide neat pockets of intimacy. A location-sensitive materials palette includes monochrome, highly textured layers of sandblasted driftwood, while a gaggle of multi-height marble visual merchandising plinths reference classical Mediterranean sculpture.