Location: Toronto, Canada
Size: 4,000 sq.ft.

The Mission:

To create a site-specific flagship store capable of furthering the brand’s global expansion plans while spotlighting a glamourous new modernist design direction, co-conceived with Reiss’ creative director, James Spreckley

Our Response:

Our design for this store was anchored in robust materials rendered with a sophisticated, often surprising hidden edge; a showroom/gallery concept synergising with the freshly re-finessed aesthetic of the new fashion collections. Notable design features included a luxurious marble-lined ‘portal’ entrance; a series of glass, shard-like window installations; and a set of exposed concrete columns - hard, pure graphic lines serving as a reminder of Reiss’ creative roots in tailoring. We used origami-esque folds of delicate material across the ceiling to soften the venue, echoed by a series of pivoting installation screens that allowed the recesses of the space to be carved into more intimate, enclosed areas.

The same sense of intimacy permeates the fitting room area at the rear of the store, lowered ceilings to deliver more seductive, private proportions while the flooring morphs from the sleek marble used throughout to lush pockets of inlaid rugs. Stealthily deluxe materials including blue onyx, burr sycamore, crystal clear perspex, smoked glass, and bronze-trimmed mirrors exemplify the notion of beauty in restraint, while heritage furniture is a mix of bespoke pieces and specially sourced vintage items. Additional talking points include a statuesque blue agate cash desk and an unusual use of lighting highlighting only key areas of clothing and allowing others to remain more subtly accented.